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A Dose of Discovery

A Dose of Discovery

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A Dose of Discovery ~ Book 2 of The Big Pharma Series

6 x 9 Soft Cover Signed By The Author (412 Pages)

You can’t see it – smell it – or hear it coming. But everyone is at risk.

Discover the diabolical secrets held tightly by those who are on a need to know basis.

Even though the clock is ticking, the game is not over. The Foster family and their friends experience the power of hope and perseverance, only to have their beliefs tested at every turn.

In Book 2 of the Big Pharma series, there are wins and losses for each.

  • When deleted, encrypted, and incriminating emails are recovered, they become aware of an enemy hidden in plain sight.
  • Haley chalks up a win by discovering Jack’s hidden information. But she’s on the run from a thief determined to steal it.
  • Big Pharma has a loss, discovering some jungle cats have nine lives.
  • Lucky gets too close for comfort with a co-conspirator, endangering her position.
  • A conscientious scientist goes rogue against his former employer to help save the world, discovering what a difficult sacrifice it will be.

This is Book 2 of the Big Pharma Series. Reading this series in order will provide the best experience.

Romance Heat Level: Slightly Steamy


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