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A Dose of Control Ebook

A Dose of Control Ebook

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Ebook of A Dose of Control ~ Book 3 of The Big Pharma Series

A hidden war for control erupts in Book 3 of the Big Pharma Series

A sinister war for control rages on, threatening to destroy everything in its path. Haley Foster's dream of having a family is jeopardized as she becomes further entangled with big pharma.

In a desperate attempt to save her own life and that of her unborn child, Haley must face off against the powerful and corrupt force that has left a trail of blood and tears in its wake. With her own life and happiness on the line, Haley must rise to the occasion and eliminate the enemy that holds her down, or risk being overtaken and destroyed.

Meanwhile, deep beneath the earth, Dr. Jack Foster is trapped and protected by two governments until his mission is considered complete. Above ground, a deadly virus is spreading, causing panic and chaos around the world. With no other options, Jack must secure his revolutionary drug and get it distributed on an emergency basis to contain the virus.

But when he discovers that Haley and his unborn child are in danger, Jack knows he must escape the mountain and do whatever it takes to protect them.

As the battle between Haley and big pharma intensifies and the fate of the world hangs in the balance, will Jack and Haley be able to prevail against their powerful enemies? Or will they succumb to the corrupt clutches of a deadly industry and lose everything they hold dear? Find out in Book 3 of the Big Pharma Series.

Reading the series in order will provide the best experience.
Romance Heat Level is steamy.

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Customer Reviews

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Hayley’s her name and truth is her game

Haley is her name and truth is her game
Jack her husband has gone missing after a plane crash in Brazilian rain forest. An investigative journalist named Lucky contacted her and that's when it all began.
Tillinger the CEO of Chadwell pharmaceutical company Jack worked for wanted him dead hence the plane crash he had found a plant that could help cure viruses but Tillinger wants to lead the way and Jack and his cure isn't on his agenda. A thriller and a half besides danger and death the paid off thugs and cops Haley began to think how could they win. With the hell of Sonya, Lucky and Ric Haley started a business VACE to investigate big pharmaceutical companies and Chadwell was the first. It was a thrilling ride and danger lurked on every corner there was nothing Tillinger would stop at to get his own wav. I highly recommend this series