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Romance + Mystery + Conspiracy + Suspense

Lotus James is the author of the fictional Big Pharma Series and other thrilling tales. 

About Lotus James

Within every human life, there will be ecstatic, loving, joyous moments along with those we wish to avoid, such as peril, loss, betrayal and grief. I fill my books with romance, danger, and threatening events. My mission is to weave stories that allow you to experience the peaks and valleys through my characters instead of real life. While the stories are an escape of sorts, hopefully they prompt greater questions of ourselves and ultimately make choices that lead to renewal of our commitment and dreams—not just to one’s self, but also to one another.

On a more serious note, I’m a very light social drinker. The last time I had a glass of wine was to celebrate the completion of my most recent book. I work too much and need to schedule absolute days of pampering here and there. Vacation is wonderful, as I love to explore new locales. My mind is busy gathering ideas and information about the area and constructing fictional scenarios in that setting. This is because I love what I do! Writing is not a restrictive function, but a necessary component that must occur, much like breathing. My mind inhales images, feelings, smells, sounds and history and must somehow exhale them into existence.

I am fortunate that I view my work as play. However, it is often difficult and mind-boggling, like a giant puzzle with some pieces missing. When that occurs, I realize I need to take a short pampering break or perhaps a nap. 

Please follow me as I break out exciting fresh stories as frequently as I can dream them up.  

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Big Pharma Series of 4 Books 

Nestled throughout the world are corporate and government entities with the power to control the populace through the delivery of their products. In this series, the Foster family and their investigative contacts strive to solve murder mysteries, avoid surveillance, thwart personal threats, and expose to the world the diabolical plans of Big Pharma.

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